Services & Facilities

Botany Waste Tub
The services and facilities provided by Councils can vary widely and change according to local needs. Botany Bay City Council is responsible for a wide range of services and facilities.
  • Asset management – including  roads, footpaths, drainage networks, buildings and other community assets
  • Business services – including support of economic development and local businesses
  • City planning – including land use planning, land information and mapping for the local area
  • Community events – to showcase community talent and achievements and promote community well-being and connectedness
  • Community services – including services for children, youth, seniors, families, men, women, indigenous people, multicultural communities and people with a disability
  • Corporate governance and corporate support – including reporting to the community and providing support to elected Mayor and Councillors
  • Customer service operations – a good place for more information about Council services
  • Emergency management – coordination and support
  • Environmental services – including tree management, recycling initiatives, promotion of environmentally sustainable practices and encouragement of biodiversity
  • Library and museum services – including information access and promotion of local heritage
  • Public open space – including streetscape planning, gardens and sporting fields (some of which may be hired)
  • Recreation facilities – including the Botany Aquatic Centre, Botany Golf Course, tennis and squash courts, and Hensley Athletic Field
  • Regulatory services – including parking control, registration and control of animals, enforcement of health standards, compliance with development consent and illegal rubbish dumping
  • Traffic and transport management – including road safety
  • Urban development – including assessment, and determination of planning proposals
  • Waste management – including household waste collection and public place cleaning
  • Volunteer coordination – supporting various opportunities for people to get involved in the life of our thriving and culturally diverse community