Meals on Wheels

Our Meals on Wheels Service provides a wide variety of affordable and nutritious meal choices for those residents who are unable or find it difficult to prepare their own meals.


Our services are available to older residents aged 65 years and over, people with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged over 55 years. Carers of these residents are also eligible to receive our services.


You can refer yourself or be referred by your doctor, hospital discharge planner, carer, family member or friend.

Prior to receiving services one of our staff will arrange a home visit to assess your needs, develop a care plan and to explain the costs and how the Service works. Our staff will also provide you with a booklet about our services.


Meals are delivered each weekday (excluding public holidays) to the resident’s homes by our volunteers and staff. Delivery usually occurs between 10.30am and 12.00pm.

Meals are delivered chilled or frozen so you can heat and serve them at a time suitable to you. However, if you need to receive the meal already heated and ready to eat please discuss those requirements with the staff. Bulk frozen meals are also available for weekend use or for those that would prefer not to have a daily delivery.

Dietary requirements

We provide a wide range of nutritious meals and desserts with a seasonal rotation of menus. Our Service caters for most special dietary requirements, i.e. allergies, swallowing difficulties, as well as cultural and taste preferences.

Juice and sustagen is also available on request.

Contact: Aged Services Staff
Phone: 02 9669 4640