The Botany Bay City Council’s goal is to attain a City that is inclusive and fully accessible to all members of its community.

People with a disability often face barriers that impede their ability to fully participate in community life. These barriers include:

  • Physical barriers: inaccessible buildings, inaccessible paths of travel, streetscape obstructions, vehicles parked illegally, lack of accessible parking, lack of accessible toilets
  • Service and operational barriers: inability to participate in programs, services and activities, inability to access information.
  • Attitudinal barriers: negative perceptions, attitudes or misconceptions towards people with a disability

The Council has adopted a Disability Action Plan to guide us in our efforts to attain a City that is inclusive and accessible to all. Our most recent Plan covering the period 2013-2017 was adopted by Council in August 2013 following extensive community consultation and review by our Access Committee.