Library Membership

Library reading
Library membership is free. When joining Botany Bay Library you will be asked to prove your identity. 

For your ID, please bring either:

  • Your driver's licence, or;
  • One item each from both List 1 and List 2 below:

List 1

List 2

  • Council rates notice
  • Phone / water / power bill showing current address (dated 3 months or less)
  • Social security card with current address
  • Student card with current address
  • Health Care Card
  • Pension Card
  • Bank statement / passbook / cheque book showing current address
  • Motor registration with current address
  • Private health insurance card showing current address
  • Lease Agreement
  • Passport
  • Credit card
  • Photo identification tag
  • 18+ Card
  • Defence Force ID
  • Student Card

If you are under 18 years, a parent or guardian must sign an application form in the presence of a library staff member and bring a Medicare card with the child's name on it - plus their own ID in the form of either their drivers' license or a document from List 1 above.

You will always need your library card to borrow from the library.

Please notify us immediately if your card is lost or stolen by contacting one of our branches

Our Libraries provide a community space for accessing our resources – all members and visitors to the libraries must ensure that their behaviour does not impact on the ability of others to use and enjoy the facilities provided. You will need to present your library card to borrow items, access WiFi or use a public Internet computer.

Behaviour code

Library members and visitors should demonstrate respect to others at all times.

Internet computers are not to be used for illegal or criminal purposes or to access inappropriate material containing sexually explicit content or that degrade a specific gender, ethnic or racial group.

The Library provides many resources for the community to share. Library members and visitors should care for the collections, equipment and furniture they use.

Members should:

  • Report any lost or missing cards immediately to Library staff
  • Return or renew items by the due date to avoid overdue fines
  • Report any damage to items, equipment or furniture to Library staff. Damage includes spillages, cutting/ripping pages or marking/ highlighting items
  • Advise Library staff of any changes to their contact details

Library members should behave and respect other customers’ rights to a safe and welcoming environment.

Customers should:

  • Be considerate of others
  • Be polite to others
  • Respect the rights of all library customers and staff

Unacceptable behaviours include:

  • Drug/alcohol intoxication
  • Verbally or physically abusing, assaulting, intimidating or harassing Library staff and/or customer.
  • Theft, vandalism, carrying a weapon, failure to follow a direction to leave the library and other criminal offences will be referred to the NSW Police.

Staff assistance:

If you consider another person's conduct to be inappropriate, offensive or threatening please seek help from Library staff.

The NSW Library Act empowers Library staff to:

  • Direct any person to leave the Library
  • Exclude any person from the Library for up to one year

All criminal matters will be referred to the NSW Police.

Child supervision

Children under the age of 10 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult. Children left unattended may leave the Library, hurt themselves or be approached by strangers. Libraries are busy public places and staff cannot judge which members of the public may present as a possible danger to children.

Library staff will attempt to contact parents or care providers if child are found in the Library without adult supervision. If parents or care providers cannot be reached, Library staff will contact the NSW Police and/or NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to ensure child safety.

Food and dress code

Library customers are required to dress in a manner that is appropriate and not likely to cause offence

Customers should:

  • wear footwear at all times
  • keep food and drink away from computers
  • remember that bare chests and skimpy clothing may cause offence


It is prohibited to:

  • bring animals into the Library (assisted care animals excepted)
  • bring bikes, balls, skateboards, skates or scooters (other than assisted mobility aids) into the Library
  • distribute personal or promotional literature in the Library
  • undertake soliciting or selling of goods or services in the Library
  • take photos in the Library without the appropriate permissions