Immunisation Services

Immunisation is the best way to protect children from serious vaccine preventable diseases. The more people who have their children immunised, the greater the ability to control serious vaccine preventable disease outbreaks in our community.

While around 90% of children aged at 1 and 2 years of age in NSW are fully immunised, at least 95% of coverage is needed for effective disease control. To provide an increased opportunity for families to immunise their children, Council provides free monthly immunisation clinics.

Our clinics are held on the first Thursday of the months of February – December each year.

Morning clinic: 9am -10am – Mascot Early Childhood Centre

Afternoon clinic: 2pm-3pm – Eastgardens Library

Evening clinic: 6pm-7pm – Eastgardens Library

Changes to the NSW Public Health Act

Changes were made to the NSW Public Health Act in 2014 to improve vaccine coverage in children to prevent the outbreak of serious vaccine-preventable diseases.

The new requirements prevent childcare facilities from enrolling children unless immunisation certificates proving that they are fully immunised, or have a specified exemption, are provided at enrolment.

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Phone: 02 9366 3666