Vision 2040


Vision for a Major New Sydney Park

Mayor Ben Keneally today released the Botany Bay 2040 Directions Paper for the future of the City of Botany Bay. The centerpiece of the draft Vision is a major new park encompassing the Botany Wetlands.

“I am excited to release our Vision 2040 Directions Paper, the penultimate step in our project to set a 25 year vision for our City.  This document sets a clear vision for our City that reflects the values and aspirations of our community”, said Mr Keneally.

“The centre piece of our vision is a major new park based on the Botany Wetlands. This park would connect from Gardeners Rd all the way to Sir Joseph Banks Park on the shore of Botany Bay, following the course of the Botany Wetlands.

"The Botany Wetlands are of critical environmental and heritage significance, having been essential to both the original occupants of the area and the first European settlers.

"For the last 50 years they have been protected by being locked up inside golf courses and industrial estates. It's now time to unlock this hidden gem.

"With an increasing population and more apartment living, we need more wonderful open spaces like the Botany Wetlands to become accessible.

"Council will work with the NSW Government, Sydney Water, Centennial Parklands Trust and the Eastlakes Golf Club over the next 20 years to make this transition occur”, Mr Keneally said.

“Ultimately we believe it should become a significant addition to the Centennial Parklands as it follows the same hydrological flow path as the Centennial Ponds and boasts historical plantings from the era of when the Royal Botanical Gardens were established.”

The Botany Bay 2040 Directions Paper also sets out how the Botany Golf Course, a Council owned course on the shores of Botany Bay could be developed to provide more sporting fields to a wide variety of organised sport such as football, league, netball and rugby.

Mr Keneally said, “With growth in population coupled with growing participation in all types of organised sports – across all ages and genders - our sporting fields are at capacity. There is a genuine need for space in our City to cater for sports. This is a growing problem across Sydney. Our twenty-five year vision responds to this and more.

“The release of our Vision is further proof that the City of Botany Bay has the strategic capacity to develop the future needs of our residents without the need to amalgamate,” concluded Mr Keneally.

Directions Paper

Directions Paper (PDF Version)

Get Involved

It is not too late to get involved in the Vision 2040 Project. There are many ways to tell us what you want to see for the future of Botany Bay. 

  • send an email
  • post on the Mayor’s Facebook Page
  • send a letter to PO Box 331, Mascot, 1460
  • drop into the Mayor’s Office at Eastgardens or the Mascot Administration Centre

Why do we need a Vision?

Over the last thirty years, the City of Botany Bay has benefited from having a clear vision, which delivered ongoing economic vitality, improved resident amenity and improved environmental outcomes. Many of the key elements of that vision have now been delivered. The scattered noxious industry has moved out and is in the process of being replaced by high quality residential development. The City’s streets are beautiful and green, there are better recreational facilities and the City is supported by a strong community. Building on this success and taking into account the significant social change that is underway, now is the best time to develop a new vision that will guide the City over the next thirty years. Staying exactly as we are is not an option and the Council want to work with the local community, businesses and other stakeholders to best define the vision for the future of our City. The Botany 2040 project will support local values, principles and knowledge and translate these into real outcomes to best prepare for our future.

Images from the Eastlakes and Mascot Community Workshops: