Mascot Local Centre Urban Design Strategy

This project will deliver a Mascot Local Centre Urban Design Strategy, which will investigate options and provide recommendations to ensure that the precinct remains viable and vibrant, while complementing the growth and development of the Botany Bay Local Government Area.

About the Mascot Local Centre

The Mascot Local Centre is located approximately 1 kilometre east of the Mascot Station Town Centre. It is a medium sized precinct with over 100 shops and services, including a small local supermarket servicing the surrounding community. It also includes important and essential services including:

  • Preschool, infants and primary schools
  • Regional Police Station
  • Ambulance base
  • Fire Station
  • Botany Bay City Council Offices and Library Services,
  • Churches and church halls
  • Memorial Park and other local parks

The following maps show:

About the Project

Council has begun the process to prepare a Draft Urban Design Strategy for Mascot Local Centre. The Local Centre, which is located along Botany Road, has been identified as important to the future of the Central Subregion of Sydney and Council recognises that revitalising the Local Centre is a priority.

Council have appointed Conybeare Morrison to prepare the Strategy. The Project is funded by the Botany Bay City Council. 

About the Urban Design Strategy

The Urban Design Strategy aims to support: 

  • Good urban design;
  • The character of the Local Centre; and
  • The public domain.

This is so the Centre continues to be a place the community wants to live, work, play and shop.

Recent Actions

  • Council at its Meeting held 25 March 2015 adopted a report on the Urban Design Strategy which provides an update on where the Strategy is at.
  • Council at its Meeting held 3 June 2015 adopted a report on the Urban Design Strategy which details the public engagement initiatives that have been undertaken.
  • Posters have been distributed throughout shops, banks, businesses and Council offices and library in the Mascot Local Centre. To make commuters aware, posters have also been displayed at the Mascot Station and in the Mascot Town Centre.
  • Postcard has been distributed to all owners and occupiers in the Study Area.
  • Advertisement for the Strategy.
  • Additional information, including the On Line Survey and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), are now available.

Community Engagement Workshop 1 held  28 April 2015

The first of two Community Engagement Workshops was held on Tuesday 28 April 2015. The Workshop was held in the Coronation Hall. It was attended by approximately 60 external stakeholders, including government representatives, members of the local Access Committee, local businesses proprietors, members of Mascot Main Street, property owners and several architects who are working on projects in the Local Centre.

The presentations are attached as follows:

  • Presentation by Conybeare Morrison on the Urban Design Strategy
  • Presentation on Urban & Landscape Analysis of the Centre by Conybeare Morrison
  • Presentation on Traffic by ARUP
  • Stakeholder Workshop Report by Straight Talk
  • Workshop Feedback by Straight Talk

 The Future

  • This page will be continually updated to provide information on the Strategy’s progress.
  • If you wish to be kept up to date on the Strategy (via an alert) please provide your email address to Council ( These details will not be made public by Council.
  • The draft Strategy will be publicly exhibited in the future. You will have the opportunity to make electronic or paper submissions during the exhibition period. Public submissions will form part of Council’s deliberations on the draft Strategy.