Floodplain Management

Water Management
The City of Botany Bay is approximately 2,675 hectares, located on the northern side of Botany Bay and includes approximately 714 hectares of waterways. Botany Bay City Council is studying all catchments within the local government area to define the cause and nature of flooding and develop flood mitigation and risk management plans. 

These studies are being undertaken in accordance with the New South Wales Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy. The objective of this policy is to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers of flood prone property and reduce private and public losses resulting from floods, utilising ecologically positive methods wherever possible.

The City of Botany Bay is divided into five main catchment areas:

  1. Mascot, Eastlakes and part of Rosebery
  2. Botany Bay Foreshore Beach
  3. Springvale Drain & Floodvale Drain
  4. Bunnerong Creek (shared with Randwick Council)
  5. Daceyville (shared with Randwick Council)

For each of these catchment areas, the Botany Bay City Council is undertaking these sequential steps to develop a comprehensive Floodplain Risk Management  Plan for the City. 

  1. Preparation of Data Collection - Compilation of existing data and collection of additional data.
  2. Flood Study - Defines the nature and extent of the flood problem, in technical rather than map form.
  3. Floodplain Risk Management Study - Determines options in consideration of social, ecological and economic factors relating to flood risk.
  4. Floodplain Risk Management Plan - Preferred options are publicly exhibited and subject to revision in light of responses. The Plan is generally formally approved by Council after the public exhibition and any necessary revisions are made. 
  5. Plan Implementation - Implementation of flood, response and property modification measures (including mitigation works, planning controls, flood warnings, flood readiness and response plans, environmental rehabilitation, ongoing data collection and monitoring).

Drainage Investigation Engineer
Phone: 02 9366 3666
Email: floodplainmanagement@botanybay.nsw.gov.au