Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework

The Botany Bay City Council Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework includes:
  • Long Term Community Strategic Plan
  • Four Year Delivery Program
  • Annual Operational Plan
  • Ongoing Reporting including Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual Reporting
  • Supporting Resourcing Strategies
    • Workforce Strategy
    • Asset Management Strategy
    • Long Term Financial Plan

This suite of planning documents is developed through consultation and engagement with our community to establish a shared vision for the future. The plans meet the corporate governance standards established by the NSW Government and take into consideration the Regional and State Plans, recognising the need for collaboration to improve outcomes for the local and wider community. 

Community Strategic Plan

Our Community Strategic Plan – ‘Our City Our Plan’ was developed following extensive engagement with our local community and other key stakeholders. It is the highest level of strategic planning undertaken by the Botany Bay City Council. All other plans developed by Council reflect and support the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan. This Plan identifies the main priorities and aspirations of the community and provides a clear set of strategies to achieve this vision of the future.

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program turns the strategic goals found in the Community Strategic Plan into actions. It identifies all of the key activities the Council has committed to undertake over a four-year period. All plans, projects, activities and funding allocations of the Council must be directly linked to the Delivery Program.

The Delivery Program is prepared every four years following a new term of Council. The Operational Plan spells out the detail of the Delivery Program, identifying the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken in a specific year to achieve the commitments made in the Delivery Program. The Operational Plan includes Council’s detailed annual budget, along with Council’s Statement of Revenue Policy, which includes the proposed rates, fees and charges for that financial year.


Reporting is a key element of the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework. It gives the Council an opportunity to report back to the community about progress being made on implementation of each of the Plans as well as our financial performance against the budgets. Our Annual , Half-Yearly and Quarterly Reports are part of the way the Botany Bay City Council is accountable to our community.